Our wonderful partners are the reason we’re so successful. Here are some of the great initiatives in progress.

If you haven’t contacted us yet with your idea, please do so. We’ll do everything we can to reach your education goals! Or browse our ongoing projects to get some ideas.

2015-2017 Projects

  • Nurse Educator Disease Challenge Featuring (4) KOLs
  • American Headache Society Presentation
  • U. S. Pain Foundation Partnership
  • Clinical Education Talkshow Featuring (5) KOLs
  • Live Worldwide Education Broadcast Featuring (2) KOLs
  • MigrainePro in Partnership with (10) KOLs, U.S.Pain Foundation, Primary Care Network, American Headache Society, and National Headache Foundation

Love your vision and commitment. You have surpassed all expectations. What a success! — Patient Advocate