About Us

A medical education agencythe Brow Tine Consulting mission  is to improve the quality of patient care focusing on informed shared decisions and educating interdisciplinary teams utilizing the worlds leading clinical experts by way of video interviews of real success stories to motivate and advocate and unify disciplines and revitalize our healthcare system.

Brow Tine Consulting has been delivering exceptional results for our clients since we opened in 2014. Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience and tremendous outcomes.

CEO Scott Farmer, has over 15 years of experience in developing Clinical Education. Working alongside some of the world’s leading clinical experts, Scott and his team are passionate about exceeding client expectations… always with the ultimate goal to improve patient care.

We love our industry partners and patient advocates. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what you are looking for and we will immediately draft a plan with no obligation.

We design and deliver education in collaboration with leading Clinical Experts (Example) who provide real-world insights into the clinician-patient experience. Brow Tine clinical education strengthens disease confidence which makes patient outcomes more successful. Contact Us for details.

We listen to you, understand your needs, and develop a comprehensive analysis that leads to recommendations focused on achieving the results you seek. We identify and produce technology, training, and processes to take providers and patients to the next level of quality care. We oversee and deliver the education implementation process from start to finish. We monitor performance indicators and work with you to modify education strategies as needed.

Brow Tine Consulting, LLC is a healthcare and technology company. Our main goal is to deliver enjoyable and effective clinical content in a creative way to achieve the ultimate goal: improve patient care. Currently we have seventeen consultants working to complete our mission, including nine MDs, one DDS, two RNs, two Technology Masters, a Master in Education, a Master in Business, and a 3D Animator. We are a nimble virtual company which allows us to be very responsive and cost-efficient. Brow Tine Consulting, LLC has worked with over thirty organizations and industry leaders in thirty-one therapeutic areas.

What’s in a name? A Brow Tine is “The First Point of Growth” on an antler. Some Native Americans believed a brow tine illustrated the health, age and wisdom of the animal. As in the growth of an antler, Brow Tine Consulting was named to symbolize the team growth we achieve for you: Supplemental and complementary clinical education that boosts your team past the traditional level. Therefore, a non-traditional name was the choice to provide advanced education to supplement your existing internal education initiatives. Brow Tine Consulting is the new standard in advanced team confidence, giving your company “The First Point of Growth”.